Developer for OpenEMR as a mental health/psychology EHR?

Looking for a developer that can transform the medically-oriented OpenEMR into an EHR for a mental health / psychology practice. I don’t know whether this is too much of a stretch. I would love to see an example where you’ve already done this kind of work.

Thank you,

Roger Davis, PhD

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Sent you a private message

I’m one of the OpenEMR software developers and have built a separate therapy tools platform for CBT homework and psychometric assessments that I’m in the process of integrating into OpenEMR.

I’m very much interested in knowing what features you currently are dissatisfied with or are missing altogether that we can improve for you and other organizations like you.


Hi Stephen,

I am looking for many features for a mental health practice. It is good to know that you have worked on this in the past. Can we schedule a call? What is the best way to contact you?