Demographics are updating to wrong patient

Updated to 6.0 and 6 different patients have had there fname, lname, dob update in demographics if the user had more than 1 window open. It happened a few times before the update but I blamed it on user error, assuming the user updated demographics to match whoever was coming up in the top window if different from the bottom but I noticed a pattern today.

Of course the users all said they did not update demographics and because it has happened so many times in the last 2 days, I am starting to wonder if it is a glitch. Has anyone had fields in the demographics change if the user had more than one window open with different patients?

Just got clarification that they are logging into the database on 2 different tabs 2 different times.

hi @tjbarr, patch 2 should help with this if you haven’t applied it yet.

Thanks, I applied the patch last evening.

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