Demo SSO implementation for openEMR 6.0.0

We are using openEMR as the demo EHR for our healthcare sample application.

I’m looking for some help with OpenEMR 6.0.0 running in docker (using the docker-compose example).

Specifically, looking for assistance in implementing SSO into OpenEMR.

As what we develop is a demo application, the implementation need not be fully secure, just need to be able to pass the openEMR user credentials when opening OpenEMR inside an iframe.

We can definitely pay for the right solution.

There’s also some additional work related to this embedding as well.

Do let me know if you are interested and can help

BJ Choi at Twilio

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Hello @bjchoi
I would love to assist you on your requirement.

Please reach me at my personal email or skype to discuss further in details.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best Regards,

sofia at cisinlabs dot com/ Skype : live:sofia_6831

@bjchoi I pinged a couple of developers I thought would be interested in helping you. Hopefully they reach out and private message you. We’ve been discussing SSO implementations in OpenEMR for some time now and it’d be nice to have a good solid, secure, foundation for this added to the project.

Thank you very much, Stephen.

Looking forward to hearing from them.


Hi, Sofia

What is your email?


Hi @bjchoi

My email is sofia at cisinlabs dot com

i am also interested in using SSO in our system, can someone help me also? my email is
and skype is reymondb.zylun
thank you so much