Demo sites down?

All three demo sites are down:
|OpenEMR 7.0.2 Main Demo||
|Alternate Demo||
|Another Alternate Demo||

The following error message is being displayed:

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.

Are the servers down? Any idea when they might be back up? Thank you!

I’m using Chrome

Operating System
I’m using: Mac

Did you search the forum for similar questions? Yes

Not available

thanks for the report, they’re back up

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Demos are down again.

Hi @Sarah_Graff , thanks for the report, the main demos are up.

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Thank you @stephenwaite!

The main demo is pretty slow this AM (6AM EST). Any thoughts?

It’s working fine now at 7 AM :slight_smile:

hi @Sarah_Graff , the demos have been struggling as of late as you’ve noticed. They’ll be down for maintenance and will be back up and healthy tomorrow hopefully :crossed_fingers:

Those are all down again

hi @hectorz , doing some maintenance, hope to have them up later today but definitely by tomorrow.

Hi @stephenwaite any clue on the time , by when the site will start working

hi @Angad , main demos are up.

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and two.openemr
at 1202hrs Pacific (noon-02)
for both got


sorry about that @htuck , meant these demos, OpenEMR Demo

all of the demos should be back tomorrow :crossed_fingers:

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…ah- thanks!
(post needs >20 characters… :slight_smile:

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restarting, should be ready in 30 mins

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Hi @stephenwaite the demo sites look down!! any idea by when will it be up?

Hi @stephenwaite, still the sites are down. any idea when it will be up?

Again, the sites are not working could you @stephenwaite please let me know when it will be up, any expected time?

Hi @Angad , the main demos are back up.

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Hi @stephenwaite thank for the information, it looks like the site was too slow, i got an update from my team.
Just curious to know, is maintenance activity still going on.
thanks in advance!!