Demo site rejects physician/physician user, FYI Alt demo works ok

Invalid username or password

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version Demo

I’m using: Chrome UTD

Operating System
I’m using: WIN 10


Someone likely changed the password. The demo resets every 24 hours.

dang. i thought i just added the feature to those demos to prevent this (it should reload the credentials every 60 seconds): added support for auto credential reset in 6.0.0+ · openemr/demo_farm_openemr@a7e60b2 · GitHub
(although i guess that the users can still be deleted, so guess we will never be able to stop the demos from getting broken :slight_smile: )

Sorry for the false alarm.

I have a Q about AWS hosting. If I’m not using the EMR, obviously the data stays around. But how many hours of EC2 or whatever CPU do they charge for, if I only use it 6 hours a day? Does it ‘run’ 24/7, as far as AWS is concerned? (Same goes for a WP site, but that’s off topic.)

Maybe patch standard user maint screen to check a variable optionally set in sql config (e.g. $isDemo=true;) and allows only adding but not changing or deleting the users. It may even be useful for some of the practices.

Hosting models have three charges - storage, processor and network data. If you keep machine in running state, the processing cycles charges accrue. You use Instance Scheduler to control the machine availability.