Demo Portal: Prescriptions Not Authorized; class cannot see prescribing workflow

In the OpenEMR 7.0.1 Demo [],
I now see “Prescriptions Not Authorized” in the lower right corner of the window. My class now cannot see the prescribing workflow. I’ve tested the physician and clinician roles and have tried the Main Demo and both alternate demos.

I logged in as an admin and checked the Configuration; “Disable Prescriptions” is unchecked. Is there something I’m doing wrong or need to check?
Thank you.

hi @KSmithUTH , use an alternate demo like OpenEMR Login for now until the demo farm’s is updated to run v7.0.1 with the latest patch please.

Thank you for the quick reply; will do.

Hi! It also shows Prescriptions Not Authorized for my physician account. I am using the latest Windows version. Are there some settings I need to change to authorize my physician account for the prescribing workflow?

Hi!!! am with Debian 11 and The Latest Openemr 7.0.1 patched successfully and There is no Button for the Prescription Flag, i have a customized Drug DB for Algerian Practice Great Work Openemr staff,
please check the this item