Delete patient gives error related to the ID of the record

I added 2 records to openemr 7 patch 2.
One directly from openemr with ID 1
Second record was added from portal with register toggled on with ID 2
I activated the delete from globals and was able to delete the first record, but when attempting to delete the second it gave me this error:


I tried to add another patient from portal/ register, I was able to delete it , also created another patient record from New/Search and I was able to delete, why this particular record is stuck, what might of went wrong?

From the web tool I was able to lock on the possibility of the error:

So going to the deleter.php path:


I found the php is pointing to documents and not to pnotes like in the error screen?

Am I missing something here?

What is the path to form_HIS?

I looked every possible way could not find where is “form_HIS”?
I did delete the forms from contrib to comply with the security recommendations, I do not think it is relevant but nonetheless the creation of the record was before the deletion, I tried to re-institute that folder to contrib but it did not make any difference.

From Apache2 error log this is what I have:

[Tue Mar 21 21:20:29.402319 2023] [php:notice] [pid 63584] [client {IP ADDRESS}:57700] ERROR: OpenEMR SQL Escaping ERROR of the following string: form_HIS, referer: https://{Server}/openemr/interface/patient_file/deleter.php?patient=2&csrf_token_form=97ad516bb849e31ddf58146c2dc862dc862e021b555c9 double free or corruption (!prev)

I am desperate trying to find what is wrong:

Tables in openemr has pnotes table:

Which has ID and PID in it:

Trying to find what is in ID, there are 2 records 1, and 2 while in my database I have only one patient that is stuck and I cannot delete:

Tried to delete 1 since the id of the bugged record is 2, but nothing have changed, I still cannot delete the record:

That was a good lesson to me and a good chance to test the script by Brady that was modified to version 4 and it saved the day.

Never mess up with tables, never ever unless you know what are you doing, I think the above action orphaned pnotes table and dislocated it somehow from the rest where I started to get all kind of server errors, I did remove the old directory, from the backup directory that was daily burned on my DVD-R I was able to restore it, and mysql dump file restored data and everything is back where it should be, I learned a lesson to deal with this beast with respect otherwise it will bite hard.

Things are good, lesson learned.

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Everything is working after restore but when adding from portal with register I am getting the same error that started this thread , referral for form_HIS?

I will not mess up anything I will wait for guidance, it could be a bug.

The flow as this:
I activated the portal with ReCAPTCHA so the register button is good
from the link to {my server}/openemr/portal I registered as a new patient and I was sent an email with credentials to log in
I did log in and I changed the password and signed the 4 documents and logged out successfully
Then from openemr I got the message of a new patient and I verified it is actually added as new
Tried to delete the patient ….Got the error


Will wait for guidance hopefully it is an easy fix.

Any idea why am I getting this error and cannot delete a record? any help is greatly appreciated.

65 views…any single help please? I do not want to delete from tables in mysql, any reason why this is happening?