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Hi, I suspect that there is a veery easy fix to this but I havent been able to figure it out. As of right now when I schedule a new appointment I have the various types of appointments to choose from. The default type of appointment that shows in the drop down menu is now POST-OP. I would like to change it to Established Patient. I have changed the ordering of the visit types in the drop down (CLINIC-CALENDAR-CATEGORIES) but I dont know how to change the default visit type.

This would be a new feature like your other post but easier to incorporate.

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Hi @gizmodoc
Please check me on this but I think you’re asking about what’s discussed in this wiki article:

The doc is old and needs re-written, and the feature has acquired some new tricks since then. In the public v7 demo what you’re looking for is found here:
Screenshot at 2024-01-29 11-52-36

Click ‘Categories’ button (not ‘Smarty Cache’) - just barely shown above…
Scroll down to locate the the categories you want ‘Name’ = Established Patient’ and ‘POST-OP’ (rectangle)
Swap the ‘Sequence’ numbers (oval)
It won’t hurt if 2 categories temporarily have the same Sequence number.
Remember to click ‘Save’!
And they should take each others’ place in the appointment category dropdown.

Or if you want to put the categories in some other position in the dropdown, you can change the numbers accordingly. Unfortunately I don’t know of any listing where you can see all the Sequence values at once, you’ll have to scroll down the category display and see what’s been used.

Hope this is what you’re looking for.
Best- Harley

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hi @htuck, added that simple fix above to the code base so that when you set a default visit category under Admin->Config->Encounter it will be the default on the popup.

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Thank you for the clear instructions. I tried that initially and again right now. Changing the sequencing number definitely moves that category of visit BUT the POSTOP visit remains the default (line no matter what sequencing I change it to.

Hi @gizmodoc
Does the default visit type described by @stephenwaite change its position?
And btw, thanks Stephenwaite for the tip- I hadn’t heard of that before.
I see it in the OpenEMR public demo v7.0.1:

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Yes. I have tried modifying that as well but it did not change in the default appearing exam type when scheduling a new patient encounter.

hi @gizmodoc ,did you make the code change by editing the file posted at feat: use global default visit category for add edit event by stephenwaite · Pull Request #7190 · openemr/openemr · GitHub

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Thanks, I had that same problem, when i changed the “Default” visit category in admin // config // encounter form, the change was only for “New encounter form”, and not for when creating the appointment in the calendar. By modifying the code, it works perfectly when creating the appointment.

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That worked perfectly. Thank you!