Database upgrade to EMR7, file url change - Solved

I set up a new install of OEMR7 and copied over the database from our old server which had been upgraded to version 7.

on the new server the path to open emr is different then the old server.

For example:
old server: /var/www/html/
new server: /var/www/html/openemr/

everything in the database seems to be work good so far except for patient documents. In the database in the documents table the url for all the documents is set at the old path so when we try to open a file in open emr we get an error that the file isn’t there.

Does open emr have a utility for updating the paths to the documents or will i need to code something up on my own to change the path?


hi @bearzillasquatch , did you bring over the documents too?

@stephenwaite, i did bring over the documents. They are accessible at the new path.

After a little bit of digging I found a solution.

By updating the documents table so that all the documents have a ‘path_depth’ of ‘2’ has appeared to resolve the problem.