Database Schema Documentation

(Daniel) #1

Hi everyone. I’d like to recruit some assistance in putting together some database schema information. Although this is helping a current customer of mine, the documentation about the database is limited and I think the community could benefit by having some solid resources.

Is there a repo where I can upload the spreadsheet I am working on so others can modify, correct, or contribute?



(Brady Miller) #2

Hi @growlingflea ,
Would a google doc spreadsheet work well for this?

(Daniel) #3

Sure. I published one. I’ll make it public.

(Daniel) #4

Here is a start. This is from a custom database from 500, but I think I removed all the custom tables and columns. If you see something that doesn’t fit, feel free to remove it.

Some of the tables that were empty were ignored. This originally was created for a data merge so some of the tables that had no changes were ignored. If you see a missing table feel free to edit, add, delete, or whatever.

Since the original idea was to fix 500, that is the first page. I made the second page for 501.

(Brady Miller) #5

hi @growlingflea ,

That is a great starting point. I would also rec making a page for development version (when this sheet is done, then will add new tables to the development version, so when release a version, just a matter of copying that to a rel sheet).

Also placed a link to your googledoc here: