Database question: form_vitals table. Any reason why the values are of type dec(12,6)

I noticed that the table form_vitals changed the value type from dec(5,2) to dec(12,6)

OpenEMR 610

OpenEMR 700

And the column name for height was changed to height_dec

Some of my custom code that uses the vitals table is failing and I’m trying to figure out why this was done. Is there something I am missing? I’m always open for learning, so please advise. Also, values in the past that would print as 90.00 are printing as 90.000000000, for weight.

The next question is about the percentiles. Since its possible that the thresholds for percentiles can change over time, is there a reason why we store the absolute value instead of calculating the value based on the most recent threshold in real-time?

Thank you.