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Database Error during installation

I am having an error during installation I would like to hire someone to fix this problem.

Linux Centos Mariadb php

OpenEMR Setup

Step 3 - Creating Database and First UserConnecting to MySQL Server… OK .
ERROR . unable to execute SQL: 'CREATE TABLE history_data ( id bigint(20) NOT NULL auto_increment, coffee longtext, tobacco longtext, alcohol longtext, sleep_patterns longtext, exercise_patterns longtext, seatbelt_use longtext, counseling longtext, hazardous_activities longtext, recreational_drugs longtext, last_breast_exam varchar(255) default NULL, last_mammogram varchar(255) default NULL, last_gynocological_exam varchar(255) default NULL, last_rectal_exam varchar(255) default NULL, last_prostate_exam varchar(255) default NULL, last_physical_exam varchar(255) default NULL, last_sigmoidoscopy_colonoscopy varchar(255) default NULL, last_ecg varchar(255) default NULL, last_cardiac_echo varchar(255) default NULL, last_retinal varchar(255) default NULL, last_fluvax varchar(255) default NULL, last_pneuvax varchar(255) default NULL, last_ldl varchar(255) default NULL, last_hemoglobin varchar(255) default NULL, last_psa varchar(255) default NULL, last_exam_results varchar(255) default NULL, history_mother longtext, dc_mother text, history_father longtext, dc_father text, history_siblings longtext, dc_siblings text, history_offspring longtext, dc_offspring text, history_spouse longtext, dc_spouse text, relatives_cancer longtext, relatives_tuberculosis longtext, relatives_diabetes longtext, relatives_high_blood_pressure longtext, relatives_heart_problems longtext, relatives_stroke longtext, relatives_epilepsy longtext, relatives_mental_illness longtext, relatives_suicide longtext, cataract_surgery datetime default NULL, tonsillectomy datetime default NULL, cholecystestomy datetime default NULL, heart_surgery datetime default NULL, hysterectomy datetime default NULL, hernia_repair datetime default NULL, hip_replacement datetime default NULL, knee_replacement datetime default NULL, appendectomy datetime default NULL, date datetime default NULL, pid bigint(20) NOT NULL default ‘0’, name_1 varchar(255) default NULL, value_1 varchar(255) default NULL, name_2 varchar(255) default NULL, value_2 varchar(255) default NULL, additional_history text, exams text, usertext11 TEXT, usertext12 varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’, usertext13 varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’, usertext14 varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’, usertext15 varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’, usertext16 varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’, usertext17 varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’, usertext18 varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’, usertext19 varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’, usertext20 varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’, usertext21 varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’, usertext22 varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’, usertext23 varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’, usertext24 varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’, usertext25 varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’, usertext26 varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’, usertext27 varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’, usertext28 varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’, usertext29 varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’, usertext30 varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘’, userdate11 date DEFAULT NULL, userdate12 date DEFAULT NULL, userdate13 date DEFAULT NULL, userdate14 date DEFAULT NULL, userdate15 date DEFAULT NULL, userarea11 text, userarea12 text, PRIMARY KEY (id), KEY pid (pid)) ENGINE=InnoDB AUTO_INCREMENT=1 ’ due to: Row size too large (> 8126). Changing some columns to TEXT or BLOB may help. In current row format, BLOB prefix of 0 bytes is stored inline.


I can help. Please check PM.

Jennifer J