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DATA LOAD doesn't work & Importing tables for fee sheet

Hi guys, I hope you all have a nice day.

At this point I can’t complete the billing process. I can’t select anything from ICD9 CTP4 tables because these tables are empty or just don’t exist.

I have read how to import these tables via the command dataload, a problem comes when we run the sentence, openemr shows the action as not permitted. I did the same VIA phpMyAdmin (cause my host just let me create/insert/select in his own portal). So, when I tryed this way, i got the message about the insecurities from the DATA LOCAL INFILE command (and his use in versions after MariaDB 5.5)

I hadn’t permissions. So, I looked at the internet and tryed another ways (with no results). In last instance I tryed putting the data manually in the icd9_tables (the table mentioned in the Sentence) in a way to get wherever (I just want to get something to continue the billing process). I’ve putted the random information with no results (I find the table which has the data to load “in a github repossitory”)

I fill the fields as the command line shows and I didn’t get results.

So guys. Somebody has had the same issue?
I want to know if there’s another way to get the tables or if the insert in the icd9 tables has an specific order