Customizing Open EMR for clinics in India

I am planning to set up a single doctor clinic in India. Have installed Open EMR latest version as on date.
Would prefer to disable quite a lot features which are not required in Indian market. Can someone guide me on this.

hi Crisitn, and a warm welcome to the OpenEMR community.

there is a lot of configurability in the system, but different features are handled in different ways. Would you like to tell us which features in particular you’d like to disable?

also have a look around. There is quite a lot of stuff in the ‘admin’ menu, such as the ‘config’ page and the forms pages…


Hi Cristin, to disable you can go to admin> forms> layout > demographics > fieldds> UOR mark it as unused.

Better not to delete anything, else the software will become unstable.
Its a very beautiful software :slight_smile: very helpful people around.

@ruth Thank you for the reply.
@Robert_James I Could disable multiple felids. Thanks for the help.