Customizing New Vitals

Hello everyone,
I recently installed the OpenEMR V7.0.2

I am stuck on the phase where i want to add a few Custom vitals, but i am unaware of how to do so.

Also is there any chance that i can change the State and Country drop-down current values of USA to India and have a drop-down cities related to india.

Any small help would be appreciated,
Thank you.

Hello @Aastha_Solanki
Welcome to the OpenEMR community and this forum, where it may take time to get an answer, but as the saying goes, all good things come to those who wait!

By ‘adding custom vitals’, I take it that you want to add other fields to the Vitals Signs clinical form found on the Encounter menu here:

The forms found there are among the .php - coded ‘Contributed’ forms included by default in OpenEMR. I am not a developer but I do know that to modify them you need to re- code them to include the features you want.
Some information on that topic can be found here:

Plenty of OpenEMR developers and coders check this forum so if you are not a dev yourself you may be able to hire one to do what you want.

Alternatively, you can check out what the OpenEMR wiki says about other ways to produce customized data forms.
Layout based visit forms (‘LBFs’):


As far as changing the Country and State lists, you can make any name you want appear in every dropdown list that displays Country or State.

  1. On the main menu go to admin/ Forms/ Lists

  2. enter ‘Country’ (or ‘state’ when changing the state) to locate the desired list:

  3. enter the new dropdown list item:


  • The ID is a value unique to this list
  • Title - name of the item as displayed on the list (e.g., ‘India’)
  • Order - where it appears in the list
  • Default - if it is displayed when the list is un- opened - only one item may be ‘Default’
  • Active - yes you want it to be active.
  • if you will never use some of the list items you may delete them, or to be safe, simply un-check their ‘active’ checkbox.

Feel free to come back with any questions you may have!
Best- Harley


My warmest thanks to the OpenEmR Community !

I was able to figure out the State and Country list. However about the Vitals I’ll surely refer to the steps you mentioned.

Best regards,

Aastha Solanki

Hello @Aastha_Solanki
Glad it helped.
As far as seeking help with the coding of the vitals form, if you have access to a php coder or developer who can do the work but you just need to know what to do, often a community member will step up and give that advice.
If your coders are not familiar with the OpenEMR project this info could be useful:

However, if you’re looking to hire professional help for pay it’d be best to look at the ‘Professional Support’ list for developers and vendors who are approved by the OpenEMR Organization as being competent at working on this application.

Good luck!

  • Harley