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First of all this is a great community and very helpful. I have spent a few days scouring the forums and familiarizing myself with OpenEMR. I am in the beginning phases of setting up a customized instance for a 1 therapist psychiatry clinic in Florida. I have some experience with coding but operations is my forte. I have the source code and have been digging in a bit. I have some questions before I know what to start on.

Here is what I am trying to accomplish

  1. Customize OpenEMR for psychiatry (not sure what all needs to be done )
  2. Add a Event option in the Encounter screen.
  3. Add Psych specific forms to this new option.
    Patient-> create visit -> new encounter form
    Here we have visit category, faciliity etc. I want to add once called EVENT that would be a drop down for all forms. Examples include
    • In depth- Assemeement
    • Behaviorial Discharge SUMMARY
    • Combined Consent
    • FARS
    • CFARS
    • master Treatment plan
      And others.

My question is this. Can this be done through the admin UI or does it need to be done through code? How do you add forms and where do I get them?

Any help or advice is appreciated.

Jay G.

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Hi Jay,
There are quite a few therapists using OpenEMR so hopefully they will chime in about the specialty specific forms.

In general, when you “arrive” a patient in the Calendar, an encounter is auto-created. From the encounter page, the menu displays all the forms you have chosen to include in your version of OpenEMR. You can look at the forms included in OpenEMR from the menu:


On this page, if you find any pre-installed forms you’d like to use; install and enable them here. Simply change the “Category” name to “Event”, and there will be a new menu entry “Event” on the Encounter Page, with the forms you put in this category listed by their “Priority”.

You can also create forms yourself, or hire a developer to build what you need.

There are other forms I believe located at openemr/contrib/forms.

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this is very helpful! thanks so much.

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