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Customized Patient details

Hi there,

If we need to customize the patient details according to local country specific requirements, kindly suggest where the changes has to be done. For e.g. SSN is one of the fields that is there by default and it might not be applicable in some of the other countries.

Please let me know of how any additions/modifications/deletions to the patient-specific details can be done on a per deployment basis. I am using version 5.0.2(1)

Thanks in advance

List item

See these:

Administration > Lists > Patient list columns > ss | SSN >
Change Title: SSN to Title: PPSN (leave ID as “ss”) > Save

Administration > Layouts > Edit layout: Demographics >
Change Label: S.S.
Again, leave ID as it is.

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Thanks much Pete. Changed these names.

If I have to add any more field in the Patient data(say, for e.g. address) and not just modifying an existing entry, please let know.


That will just fix input form. Better to deactivate existing fields and add what you need. Use custom translation for standard labels.

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