Customize Openemr ID

Hi, please i would like to customize the patient ID using my own syntax exemple SUD folow with numbers SUD123. Is it possible ?

Thank you.

Hi @Jessica -
Yes, a custom patient ID is possible in OpenEMR, and here’s the wiki article about how to create and use one:

Please note that the External ID is a different thing from the PID: the PID is an identifier maintained by the system that is used by default as the patient’s ID if no external ID is specified. But if you do have an external ID the PID will still be kept internally, just not displayed to the user.
Also, it’s best to be consistent in using an external ID: decide which mask you want and stick with it. Changing it or reverting to the PID can get really confusing for the users.
Good luck!

  • Harley
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@htuck thank you, with the external ID i can see it is manually not automatically. I need ID generated by the system automatically with my own syntax exemple SUD123.

Hi @Jessica
Ok, I see what you mean.
Gotta say, though, that would be really tricky to code, because the ID value would have to increment for each new pt. So when the numeric portion of the ExtID reached its limit, how would the EMR know how to increment it? In your example, what would the next ID be once it reached SUD999 ? And what about practices who want the ExtID to end with the Pt’s last name?

The way it is, you can enter whatever ID you want. And if you have the browser auto-complete feature turned on, when you reach the ExtID text area, you’ll see what it has been previously. So you can click the most recent value (per the pic) increment the last number and save the new value.


Best- Harley