Customization needed for OpenEMR


Please forgive me if I posted in the wrong place.
Pohnpei Community Health Center (PCHC) needs some customization done:

  1. Custom reports with variable filters
  2. Custom reports 1 click for UDS reports for HRSA
  3. Behavioral Health Module
  4. Prenatal health module
  5. Dental Clinic Module
  6. Rehabilitation Module

I have secured some funds though I am not sure it will be enough to cover everything.
I need proposals. Please contact me for further details.

Thank you.

(SJSolutions) #2

Hello Kanoberson

We can help you out to customize OpenEMR.

Please contact us for proposals @

Thank You
SJ Solutions

(Nilesh Hake) #3


Kovid BioAnalytics is a Clinical Informatics and Analytics company based in Pune, India. We have been working on OpenEMR customization & development for the last 5 years, and have an excellent understanding of the framework, code and features of the application.

I lead the OpenEMR development team at Kovid, and have worked extensively with customization as well as new feature development for the application. I am well-versed with the OpenEMR framework, and have developed custom CRFs, set-up third party interfaces, and customized features like billing updates, automate processing of claims from clearing houses, new patient portal, etc.

I am confident that we would be a perfect fit for this project and for further discussion please mail me on my email id



I am currently working on the Terms of Reference (TOR) and it will be emailed to all that is interested.

Thank you,

Kanoberson Asher