Custom Work / Modules for Sale

Hello, are there any custom modules for sale or customization scripts that are not part of the community that are for sale? Does that go against the terms of the license? I know there is a professional service list, but doesn’t anyone know who may offer “bits” of code for sale, without having to contact all of them?

We are looking for shortcuts to a multi-office practice for internal medicine and ophthalmology.

I’m happy to assist you. What exactly are you looking for? I’ve been developing for OpenEMR since 2014. OpenEMR being open-source, allows for people to do with it what they want. There are plenty of modules and customized versions that exist. Sometimes people hire developers like myself to customize workflow and things of that sort. I can also get you set up with a support contact so you have 24/7 technical support for the users.

Hi Shynes

I am very glad to inform you that ViSolve has few custom modules for sale which includes Revenue Cycle Management and TeleHealth.

You can make use of below links to play with RCM and TeleHealth Demo


TeleHealth :

ViSolve is ready to do customization based on your/customer requirement.

ViSolve had already worked for the customization for Ophthalmology Sector.Hence if you needs the same, we are ready to offer our hands of service to you.

ViSolve has implemented the functionality for restricting the data access to physician.If you requires, we can implement the same for facility level too.

Moreover, ViSolve provides 24/7 technical support to the users.


Hi Daniel,

I have requirements for implementation/customization and annual technical support, please let me know how we can cooperate