Custom vitals form 5.01


(David Nichols) #1

Hello all,

I am getting ready to upgrade from 5.0.0 to 5.0.1 and testing compatibility with the upgrade. I have worked out most of the changes, but am having an issue with the vitals form.

I had previously customized the vitals form in 5.0.0 and added the new fields to the MySQL table. If I replace the 5.0.1 with my customized copy of the vitals folder in htdocs/openemr/interface/forms/ then it ignores my changes. I am not understanding how it would be reading the exact same files differently between versions.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Custom Vitals folder can be seen here:

I had removed Head Circumference and added Met Max and Percent Body Fat.
Note the difference of 5.0.0 on the left and 5.0.1 on the right.

(Jerry P) #2

Hmm, because this is a Smarty form perhaps the form has not recompiled after you replace 5.0.1 version with your version.
Best bet may be to go to the \interface\main\calendar\modules\PostCalendar\pntemplates\compiled directory and delete all content(compiled forms) inside that directory.
Now run your form.

(David Nichols) #3

That did the trick. Thank you! Couldn’t for my life figure out where it was caching it.

(Jerry P) #4

You’re Welcome. Smarty is pretty good at compiling outdated or new versions but not sure why here. I think eventually it would have recompiled.