Custom Layout set value

Regarding V5.0.1
Is it possible in a custom layout to pre fill the value of fields, like date => defaults to current date & provider=> defaults to the provider that is using the custom form?
like it is already the case for lname, fname for the patient is pre filled with the active patient.

@marco Im working on a few solutions for more auto fill fields to work in both LBF and portal docs together. If anyone has anything done on these already much appreciated but Here is what Im digging into.

Auto fill Current Date in Patient forms for Portal.
Show Next Encounter time in both LBV forms and Portal forms based on appointment type.
Show Next Surgery date in both LBV forms and Portal forms based on appointment type.

The current goal is to make it so that there can be a short code like {LBV:app_cat_next} that can be used in the patient portal forms and have that link to the care plan custom built in the Layout Based Visit forms system.

Looking forward to any input the community might have.


upcoming v6.1 will have a completely revamped care plan encounter form that is closely tied to CCD and ONC so, keep that in mind if CCDA ToC and referral docs are important to your practice.

Any new tags added for templating i’d hope you’ll donate back to project.

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