Custom code inside OpenEMR Standard for AWS

(Jonathan Borgeaud) #1


We want to use the greatly build Standard version for our OpenEMR installation. We have custom code that we need to integrate into the docker. What is the best way to do it ? Create our own docker image ? Is there something already there to manage custom code using the standard version ? thanks for your help. Jon

(ViSolve) #2

Creating your own docker image would be advisable,if you integrate your custom code into docker.


(Brady Miller) #3

Hi @jon and @visolveemr ,

Working in a docker is just like working in a server, so is straightforward to bring in custom code changes into the code in the official docker.


(ViSolve) #4

Jon & Brady,
Here is our 2 cents…
One of the main purpose of docker version is - OpenEMR docker version is validated with all the dependencies like MySQL, Apache Server, PhP, …
If you are planning to release your own custom code to your customers - it is advisable to build your own docker version of OpenEMR.
However as Brady says, ViSolve releases custom code to their customers outside of docker as ViSolve directly installs and validates the installation for dependencies.

(Jonathan Borgeaud) #5

Yes but i’m planning to use the AWS full stack, and I see there is already a way to manage custom code. What do you guy thinks ? openemr-devops/ at master · openemr/openemr-devops · GitHub