Custom Canvas for Writing Pad

Hello @sjpadgett,

How are you implementing the signature pad in OpenEMR? I have written a basic canvas using html and css for a writing pad but it doesnt work. I think the signature pad is inhibiting it.

What do you think?

Hi Kofi Appiahkkappiah,
Already signaturepad implemented in openemr. But We used custom signature pad for patient encounter forms. I shared with you my files.
1.jquery.signature.min.js=>change js file
jquery.signature.min.txt (6.1 KB)
jquery.signature.css (191 Bytes)

3.signpad file.
sign.php (4.4 KB)

Note:Verify file paths.

Thank you, I am aware that signature pad is implemented in OpenEMR. I would use the signature pad to take notes instead of using it for just signatures.

I dont like the pop up idea nor the button details