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CSS problems after applying Patch 3

After applying patch 3 the appointment screen and the feesheet are off. See images below. The fee sheet we are unable to see the justification. The appointment screen is gone off the rails.

Fee Sheet needs adjusting so the justifications can be seen.

Here is the fee sheet.

I have found that in new installs the /interface/main/calendar/modules/PostCalendar/pntemplates/compiled folder is not being created.
We have an install that is running slow and what we are going to do is create this folder and see if that reduces our calendar load time.

This dir was moved in 5.0.2 sites/default/documents/smarty

These are not css issues but progressing restyles and script conversions. Left looks like 5.0.1???

No, it is 5.0.2 on the left and the right of the image uploaded. Now that I have been shown where the compile folder went. I will clear the folder and check.

I cleared the compile folder and the fee sheet was better. I added some styling to enhance the display. But the fee sheet is still screwed up. The one on the right is what I see in both chrome, firefox, edge and brave browsers.

I compared the patch file to the original and they are identital. I check the permission and file owner. Nothing is out of place.

I ended up pulling down the lastest download and reinstalling the entire code. All is correct now. The anomaly went away.

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