Creating Customized Openemr

Dear OpenEMR Community,

Our healthcare facility is dedicated to improving patient care and operational efficiency. We believe OpenEMR offers powerful customization options to achieve this goal, and we’re reaching out to leverage the collective wisdom of this esteemed community.

Envisioned Workflow:

Here’s an outline of our desired workflow and specific areas where your expertise would be invaluable:


  • Enhanced Forms: We aim to capture comprehensive patient information (including demographics, payment details, and insurance) through a customized registration form.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: Streamlining the registration process by seamlessly integrating a payment gateway within OpenEMR would be ideal.

Front Desk Operations:

  • Efficient Check-in: We plan to empower our receptionists with OpenEMR training to ensure smooth patient check-in and registration.
  • Vital Signs Recording: Our vision involves customizing OpenEMR for front desk nurses to directly input vital signs into a patient’s electronic health record (EHR).

Doctor-Patient Interaction:

  • Optimized Patient Flow: We seek guidance on enabling front desk staff to assign registered patients to suitable doctors within OpenEMR.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: We aim to empower doctors to document examinations, patient concerns, and orders for tests or procedures directly in OpenEMR.

Financial Management:

  • Order Approval Workflow: We’re interested in exploring integration with accounting software or establishing internal workflows within OpenEMR for streamlined order approvals based on patients’ payment statuses.

Medication Management:

  • Pharmacy Integration: Facilitating medication management by integrating OpenEMR with pharmacy systems for electronic prescription transmission would significantly improve efficiency.

Improved Billing and Follow-Up:

  • Centralized Tracking: Our goal is to track patient visits, test results, medication details, and billing information within a unified OpenEMR system.
  • Integrated Payment Processing: Leveraging integrated payment gateways to generate invoices and handle payments seamlessly aligns with our vision.

We firmly believe that your valuable insights and expertise will be instrumental in successfully implementing these enhancements and optimizing our patient management processes. We highly appreciate your support and collaboration in this endeavor.

Thank you,

@benemancu_thedinagde Yes openemr offer this all.

It is generally regarded as bad form for a vendor to solicit business here on the general forum. The OpenEMR wiki has a list of certified support vendors here:
where you might evaluate the organizations who have demonstrated competence in offering professional support of OpenEMR and are endorsed by the OpenEMR organization itself.
Welcome to the OpenEMR community forum, may you find what you are looking for.
Best- Harley

Hi Harley, thanks for the info. I apologize for any confusion. I’m not trying to sell anything, I’m actually quite new to OpenEMR and feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Your message made me wonder if using OpenEMR requires a lot of technical knowledge and professional support. I was hoping to find some resources to learn the basics and get some non-professional help getting started.

Do you have any recommendations for someone in my situation?

Hi @benemancu_thedinagde
Sure, glad to help.
I was not thinking that you were selling anything, merely trying to say that prospective customers should solicit vendors in other channels than on the forum, since one often does not know who one is talking with here.

But to your question, ‘does OpenEMR require a lot of technical knowledge and professional support.’
The short answer is, if you need help installing OpenEMR, or you want to use it to its fullest capabilities or customize it to your own practice, it would probably save a lot of time to hire a pro.

OpenEMR is a fully functional Electronic Medical Record system with a level of sophistication somewhere between Practice Fusion and Epic. It is capable enough that it is routinely used to run practices with hundreds of patients and dozens of providers, and it does provide all the workflows you mentioned in your original post. Its configuration and workflows can be complex if you want to use the features to their maximum capabilities, but OpenEMR was originally created and is still quite suitable for single provider small practices.

It is my opinion that if you have enough computer user expertise and experience to surf the internet and use an application such as a word processor you can probably figure out how to operate OpenEMR’s basic functions as they exist in the (free download) Community Edition. A lot of documentation exists here in the forum and on the OpenEMR wiki (OpenEMR 7.0.0 Users Guide - OpenEMR Project Wiki) to assist doing that on your own. Although, it would really help if you are a healthcare professional so you have the logic of medical procedures to help you figure out what is supposed to be happening. So, yes, properly prepared, many practice providers do use OpenEMR without professional help.

But that is how to use an OpenEMR instance that is already installed on some sort of server. Once downloaded, the application needs to be installed. If you know generally how to install client/ server applications you should be able to locate the instructions on the wiki and do that without professional help.

Hopefully that rather verbose reply was more helpful than it was overwhelming. Please feel free to ask any more questions that came up for you.
Best- Harley