Creating custom reports for the Ministry of Health

(Richard Karinguri) #1

One of the requirements by the Ministry of Health here in Kenya is that all facilities providing health care must submit reports. The reports have specific indicators that are of interest to the ministry in different service delivery areas, for example HIV, Family Planning, Safe Motherhood etc. How can I customize in OpenEMR to get such reports if I do not have php programming know how? What I’m trying to avoid is having to write on manual registers when I have an electronic system. I know Siaya District Hospital used as one of success stories for OpenEMR is in my Country but I’m not sure whether it has been able to achieve 100% reporting using the system.

(Richard Karinguri) #2

@Elijah_Wisdom do you have a way you can help out? Regards.

(Ralf Lukner MD PhD) #3

That might depend on your resources. If labor to go through the charts and encounters and tabulate the information is inexpensive in Kenya, you could hire people to do this. There are fields where your nurses could indicate the desired statistics in each encounter as the patients are seen and then a data entry clerk could go back through the encounters later on and tabulate the desired information in a spreadsheet. If you have ample financial resources, you could hire a company of programmers that work with OpenEMR to customize the software to do whatever you would like automatically. This is a very powerful EMR but to fully take advantage of it and run it effectively takes a certain amount of information technology investment and ongoing maintenance.
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@Ralf_Lukner I thank you for your feedback.

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Hi Richard Karinguri,

I have develop the customize report functionality in OpenEMR, can you please provide me your email id then we can talk personally.


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Hi @Nilesh_Hake kindly contact me via