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Creating a tabular data entry form using layout based forms

Dear all,
I would like to add in "History’’ section “Obstetric History” on patient’s dashboard.
How do I make a tabular form shown below? Is it possible to do using layouts?

@Richard in my experience. The LBF can’t produce this type of form. This form is best served with a table structure. This would be best done with a hardcoded form like in the interface/forms/vitals.

@juggernautsei thank you for your response. Now the question is, if hardcoding is done, is it then possible to have the table under ‘History’? I want to have ‘obstetric history’ stay with other bits of history!

The two can be hooked together. When you look at the demographics, it is not all LBF part of it is LBF and part of it is hardcoded. You can take the same route.

Thank you very much for your response

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Are you looking to add a section like in the following screenshot?

The section “Printouts” prints different forms populating them with the patients info. If you are looking for a different form than what the LBF layout tool offers, one would have to be customized. This is something I have done in the past and can do for you.

@Richard this can be done and it has been done before using the LBF, Pls contact @Nilesh_Hake he has the solutions.

@aterad thanks you. I have @Nilesh_Hake’s contacts. I’m preparing a list of many to do list. I will contact him. Regards

Thanks @aterad, Hi @Richard Yes I have implemented the such feature for the other client in the LBF form please let me know if you want to implement it.