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Creating a Pretext for Forms

So I am interested in the layouts of EMR. On my old provider, I was able to have pretext options for my forms that would allow me to select premade sentences for my patients; then, I would not need to write notes after the consultation because I could complete them all during the visit. Does anyone know how to create the premade sentences on OpenEMR?

Thank you for you help

Hi Bobby,

What is an example of a premade sentence you want in your encounter note?

You can try using layout based forms. You make a custom form which you can then associate with the encounter.

Thank you for responding.

It would look like having a box (hundreds of presets) of different preset text fragments such as the following:

The pain radiates to the left upper extremity.
The pain radiates to the right upper extremity.
The pain radiates to the bilateral upper extremities.

I would be able to click on any of the applicable texts for the consultation in the patient’s form.

Try going to administration -> Forms -> Layouts

Click New Layout

Give it a Layout ID starting with LBF, fill out the other fields as appropriate, it’ll look something like this:

Add group to the new layout based form you just created.

Then add fields as appropriate.

It sounds like you’ll want to use a list box for the data type. You’ll need to select a list.
You can make your own in the list editor OR use the pre-existing procedure body sites, procedure lateralities list. You can edit them by going to Administration -> Forms -> Lists

Click encounter preview to take a look at how your form will look/work

Once you open an encounter for a patient, you can select your new form. It’s location may vary depending on what version of OpenEMR you’re running.

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I appreciate the help, but that’s not what I was looking for. I was more looking for the text to autopopulate, not premade questions. So I can click sentences from a list of statements, and the statements will add together to create the report. This would allow me to not type the words because most of my 90% of my patients have similar forms with a couple exceptions. Would this be possible?

You mean like dot phrases?

Or if you open an encounter would you want this area prepopulated with text?

Or one of these forms:

Like this one?

This is what you are looking for

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