Creating a patient registry


(Aaron Chantrill) #1

Can someone point me to some documentation on how to create patient registries in openemr 4.2.2? For example, say I would like to have a list of 50 patients with some basic statistics (latest vitals, last visit, next scheduled visit, etc) and a tickler, and I want to be able to pull it up and refresh it throughout the day and sort it by different columns, how do I do that? I see the patient list creation but it doesn’t appear to allow me to save the list of patients, and I’m not clear on how to select which database fields to display.


(MD Support) #2

Not aware if saving the selections is possible in patient list. We have used combination of database views and clinical decision rules to create ‘passive’ reminders. The open reminders can be viewed often and refreshed periodically.

The rules interface does take several trials and mostly errors before giving desired results.

(Jerry P) #3

Hi Aaron,
I highly recommend you start upgrading to a more current version of openemr even if, you need to invest in one of our very good vendors for help.

I say this not to support our vendors but that you being on a recent version of openemr allows an easier chance that if you have feature/enhancement requests or even need help with existing features, you’ll be more likely to get support from our developers ie i’ve forgotten 4.2.2 capabilities where @mdsupport may still be in tune.:slight_smile:
Just saying…

(Aaron Chantrill) #4

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll dig around in it and see what I can come up with. Since this is a pretty simple report to run and definitely of interest to providers and program managers I was hoping it was something baked into OpenEMR that I just wasn’t finding. I haven’t yet found a good tutorial for openemr beyond the basic setup and patient visit stuff, and worry about reinventing the wheel. Is there any kind of physical convention where the OpenEMR community gets together?

(Aaron Chantrill) #5

I’m in the process of attempting to reconcile the customizations that the developer here has made to the current version so I can work towards re-integrating with baseline, but that is going to take some time. But yes, that is the plan.


(Daniel) #6

Hi Aaron. I’ve done several upgrades from 422 to 500 and 501. I’d be happy to assist you. I’ve worked with several customers that had custom versions of OpenEMR 422 that were significant branches from the CE edition. I also have written dozens of custom reports for OpenEMR using dataTables.

Feel free to PM me.

As far as your question, the following report is the closest to what you are looking for:


OpenEMR422 doesn’t really have good sorting ability. With DataTables you can create reports that have sorting ability. Here is an example of a “Changed Appointment” report I created that allows you to sort by the different columns:

If you wanted a dynamic search, here is an example where the dynamic search is being used for SMS appointment reminders.

and when the full patient name is entered is narrows down to the one patient:

and the ability to have a sub report if you clicked on one of the entries. In this case it was the history of SMS reminders sent to the specific patient Test Test4:

I can create a bunch of reports for you if you give me the specs and if you need help upgrading your custom code to 501 I can do that too. My contact number is in the screen shots. Feel free to contact me when ever.

(Daniel) #7

Oh, and using Datatables allows you to download spreadsheets and print the info in a PDF.

(Nilesh Hake) #8

Hi Aaron,

We have developed report module for one of our client and its working fine. It take OpenEMR database table as elements and table column as fields. Now we are making that report user friendly. Please let me know if you want that feature and report are configured on the basis of xml. Initial we had kept basic OpenEMR table in report as requirement we will modified xml for table and report get generated in excel file.

(Aaron Chantrill) #9

Thank you for the suggestions. I think the reports/clinical option is what I was looking for. I’ll definitely keep you in mind when we start the conversion process.


(Daniel) #10

Sounds good!! Glad I could point you in the right direction.