Create New Patient button not working

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redlettertech wrote on Monday, December 17, 2012:

Upgraded a clients Linux OpenEMR from version 3 to version 4.1.1(8).  When the users click on create new patient button nothing happens and no new records are created in patient_data table.  Logged in as admin, also unable to create patient using the interface.  All files in forms/newpateint directory have the same security as other  files under forms directory.

Has anyone run into this issue or now a quick fix so they can create new patient records?

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yehster wrote on Monday, December 17, 2012:

Any errors in your browser’s javascript console?  Did you have First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and Sex all specified when you tried to create?

Not sure if your problem is actually related to your upgrade, as there is a bug in “create patient” where if any of those fields aren’t filled out, the validation code fails silently with no indication of a problem. 

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bradymiller wrote on Monday, December 17, 2012:


Yehster makes a good point. I’ll bet it’s because previous versions of OpenEMR required the Choices->Provider to be set. You can make it optional in Administraion->Layouts. That is quite a nasty bug (silently failing when missing required entries). Anybody want to take this fix on?


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redlettertech wrote on Tuesday, December 18, 2012:

All required fields have data and even added data in the other sections under new patient.  Under Administration->Layouts->Facilities Specific User Information and the General section -> Provider Id is set to optional.

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yehster wrote on Tuesday, December 18, 2012:

What about javascript console errors? 

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redlettertech wrote on Tuesday, December 18, 2012:

OK, this information pointed me in the right direction.  In reviewing the layouts I found a field that was marked as required that was contained in one of the rolled up sections.  Would be nice if the user were alerted to the missing data in a required field.

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nightingale1 wrote on Monday, February 04, 2013:

could you share with me how to find the error message since I also cannot register a new patient even after filling out almost all the empty fields.  I am new and do not know about the java console and where i could find it.   Thanks.

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I am having a similar problem, I edited the Demographics layout, I made sure not to delete any of the fields, but I switched everything I don’t need to Unused and added a bunch of new fields but everything is marked as Optional. Now when I click Add New Patient, I get a

This error (HTTP 404 Not Found) means that Internet Explorer was able to connect to the website, but the page you wanted was not found. It’s possible that the webpage is temporarily unavailable. Alternatively, the website might have changed or removed the webpage.

and in Chrome I get this error:

The requested URL /interface/new/new_search_popup.php&close was not found on this server.