CQM valuesheet not supported file

I am trying to upload the CQM_VALUESET by following the link and kept getting the UNSUPPORTED database load file:ec_only_cms_20230504.xml.zip!

I have downlaoded all the XML that is sorted by the CMS ID and still kept getting the error message. anyone can provide me with an alterntive link other than this one Value Set Authority Center.
Please note that I do have access to downlaod the documents but still facing the same issue.

OpenEMR Version
I’m using OpenEMR version 7.02

I’m using: multiple browser to upload the file like Google Chrome, MS Edge, Firefox

Operating System
I’m hosting it via Cloud Based Cpanel Linux VPS server

hi @mkm1971 , have to insert this into that table:

INSERT INTO `supported_external_dataloads` (`load_type`, `load_source`, `load_release_date`, `load_filename`, `load_checksum`) VALUES
('CQM_VALUESET', 'NIH_VSAC', '2023-05-04', 'ec_only_cms_20230504.xml.zip', 'b77b3c2a88d23de0ec427c1cfc5088ce');

@stephenwaite Thanks for your support so first I need to uplaod the zip and then set this into the table via SQL terminal. please correct me if the steps are wrong.

first execute the sql statement

The execute was done withouth facing any error in the sql but I still face the same issue when adding the xml.zip in the CQM valuesheet folder

hi @mkm1971, place the file in contrib/cqm_valueset

@stephenwaite Still facing the same problemUNSUPPORTED database load file:

NIH_VSAC changed the downloaded file name to start with ec where previously started with ep so need this change in the list_staged.php script:

diff --git a/interface/code_systems/list_staged.php b/interface/code_systems/list_staged.php
index abce933f21..41c1958525 100644
--- a/interface/code_systems/list_staged.php
+++ b/interface/code_systems/list_staged.php
@@ -239,7 +239,7 @@ if (is_dir($mainPATH)) {
                     $supported_file = 1;
             } elseif ($db == 'CQM_VALUESET') {
-                if (preg_match("/ep_.*_cms_([0-9]{8}).xml.zip/", $file, $matches)) {
+                if (preg_match("/e[p,c]_.*_cms_([0-9]{8}).xml.zip/", $file, $matches)) {
                      $version = "Standard";
                          $date_release = substr($matches[1], 0, 4) . "-" . substr($matches[1], 4, -2) . "-" . substr($matches[1], 6);
                          $temp_date = array('date' => $date_release, 'version' => $version, 'path' => $mainPATH . "/" . $matches[0]);

hi @mkm1971 , here are the changes to support this cqm valueset load.

@stephenwaite thanks for your support, the php script was updated and I was able upload the CQM value sheet. But the data is not reflecting in the search bar.

look at the other change in this script and re-load after you remove the cqm valueset entry in the standardized_tables_track

also check the valueset table for data when it completes

Thanks for the update will update the script and check it out.

@stephenwaite Thanks for your kind support, the scripts where updated based on the gihub latest update, I am able to view CQM valuesheet.

I noticed one thing when I reviwed the Master class and updated the scritps the facility clinicn name displays in blank screen when I try to add or edit.