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Copying site and database for development

I wanted to copy my site so I coped the emr folder and named the new folder TEMR but in the same directory. I also copied the database and named it db2. where or how do I connect TEMR with db2?

Not sure if I am asking this right. Just want to make a complete copy of my emr site/db so I can use it for development but make sure it is separate from the other.

Copy old openemr dir to new temr under your web root
then change database in
sites/default/sqlconf.php of new openemr bkup directory

Then you can refer by url to new bkup directory name

Thanks so much for all your help!

o.k. I copied directory to temr and then I made a database emr2 and in the sites/default/sqlconf.php to emr2 but when I go to the database it says not found.


sounds like a webserver error

for example with apache you would also have to copy your /etc/apache2/sites/sites-available/emr.conf to /etc/apache2/sites/sites-available/temr.conf and edit it’s document root to point at the temr directory and restart apache