Connecting vitals to a form


I’m trying to create a form for hypertension management. Upon creating a new field, I’m trying to automatically add the patient’s recent set of blood pressure values (potentially retrieving this information from their vitals in encounters) in my form. How do I do so?

Hi Shania and welcome to the OpenEMR forum.
Without a custom datatype being developed and added to the feature I don’t know of a way to add or collect vitals in a layout form.
It is something that would be a good addition but would require careful implementation to be universal for various user needs.
For example, does the datatype return just the last set of vital or all vitals from a date range and so forth.
Perhaps another on the forum may know of a way that i’m not thinking of just now.

Hi Jerry, yes the datatype returned would be all vitals from a date range. Is there another way to do this without create a layout. Maybe a template?