Conflict in patient and insurance balance due

(aterad) #1

The Patient balance due under the billing widget in the patient dashboard is suddenly showing the balance while it was the Insurance balance due that was showing it before.
What could be wrong and how can it be reverted back to Insurance balance due because it has even affected insurance due report under collections and all the bills in the billing manager are no longer showing.

Please see the attached pix.

I am using openemr 5.0.1(6) on a Linux server.

(aterad) #2

Hello All,
What am saying in a nutshell is that how can a patient balance appearing under Patient Balance Due under the Billing widget be moved/appear under Insurance Balance Due in the same Billing widget.

Thank you

(Stephen Waite) #3

hi @aterad, it appears likely that there is a bug that is causing this as it’s been reported by @rmagauran as well, A/R report Ins Co vs Patient

Do you know or remember what scripts or reports were run prior to noticing this issue? Thank you.