Conditional show logic informations are not displayed

Hi, i have an issue with the forms wnhen using the questionnaire. I have created differents forms but all the conditionally displays sections does not appear. Here is the image to make it more clear.

Here are the informations entered

After saving as you can see below, only “Non” are displays, i see nothing else

Even when i generate patient report in order to see the information entered, still nothing else is displayed. Only “Non”

@ruth, @sjpadgett
Please if you can help, really do not understant what i made wrong .

Thank you

Turn on User Debug to see if any errors. Or send me the form i.e post in zip file here and I’ll take a look.

@sjpadgett thank you to reply, please where do i turn on User Debug?
See also below the form
Formulaire-enregistrement.R4 - 2024-03-01T150656.401.json (61.3 KB)

Admin->Config->Logging User Debug select All

Looks like you are nesting answers/items too deep for current algorithm.
I will have to see if I can parse this type of nesting but I think the form design needs work by moving the answer new items in the negative up several levels and making separate questions closer to top level.
i.e only have one maybe two levels of nesting for any given answer conditional.

Still I’d like to be able to parse/flatten response arrays to any level but it’s a challenge.

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I’m developing a routine that will recursively parse both main and answer items no matter depth. I have to say this is a head scratcher no doubt but I’m close and hope to finish and make available for first patch.

@sjpadgett thank you for your help. Even when the answer is not deep, i try with a simple questionnaire here it is
Formulaire-enregistrement.R4 - 2024-03-05T170902.306.json (2.4 KB), still does not show the answers.

Formulaire-enregistrement.R4 (9).json (24.0 KB)
@sjpadgett can you check this form please, i did not use “insert a child item” only insert an item now i can see all the informations.

Please is there a way to solve it? @sjpadgett @ruth, i need help