Complete GUI redesign, timeline- and problem-basing

Name of Company

Job Title
Mock-Up Developer

Job Description
I’m a physician looking to completely rebuild the way we interact with medical records data.
Basic visual
Have considered grant funding and GoInvo collaboration, but wondering if anyone here is interested in reformatting Open EMR instead. Could float up to $25k of my savings, or go for grants/investors if interested. Pitch your thoughts though.

Required Skills
Back-end management

Preferred Skills
Basic GUI design
Comfortable with FHIR standards

Develop project goals and timeline in tandem with physician
Create basic mock-up
Lay groundwork for beta product

… changing the face of EHRs as we know it? :sweat_smile:

Individual MD, working for a large corporation currently running Epic, have used a wide variety of large and small corporate EHRs, never Open-EMR though. Tired of inefficiencies and bad outcomes from the current EHR landscape.

For more information
cole “underscore” marolf “AT” yahoo

@ctm I’m not sure there is a lot of OpenEMR developers who are familiar with FHIR. Depending on what you need reworking the UI could be a big undertaking and I’m intrigued in where you think FHIR fits in all of this. @sjpadgett and I built most of the ONC FHIR pieces for OpenEMR so we are always looking to see how people are planning on leveraging what we’ve created.

Have you thought about jumping on the weekly Saturday call and talking about your idea there? If you can’t do something like that, then if I were you I would record a video on youtube and walk through your idea of what you are thinking and how you envision this functioning. Your screenshot is interesting but I think people (myself included) would want a lot more context about each area of your diagram before people can jump in and start giving you feedback.

This sounds exciting.


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I can assist you with your requirement.

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Thanks for the responses! Looking at the PMs, will reply.
Here’s a more interactive mock-up in Sheets.
A video walk-thru is a good idea, I’ll try to work one up though might take a few days.



I’ll try to join the next Saturday call, and will work on a video recording.

As far as FHIR goes… though being a bit in the dark on API stuff, I’m fairly sure one hang-up for commercial customers of any product is “how will it integrate with my other systems?”. The first iteration of a new design doesn’t have to be full-functioning (ie able to integrate), but widely adoptable later versions should be. See the Google Sheets mock-up I posted, specifically the idea of “integrated order entry”.

Curious about what you’ve developed on the OpenEMR FHIR front, so I’m all ears!


Sounds good @ctm I’d encourage you to compare your offers against people on the OpenEMR vendor lis. These are people who have contributed code to the OpenEMR project and we know they have experience working with OpenEMR.

As far as FHIR goes, the OpenEMR FHIR implementation meets the ONC interoperability requirements for a certified EHR product. I just finished the last few requirements a few weeks ago. So any FHIR compatible system that meets ONC’s (g)(10) interoperability requirement will be able to retrieve procedures,orders, and lab diagnostics from our system. Please note that pretty much every ONC certified system will be required to meet the FHIR (g)(10) interoperability requirement by December 2022.

If you are needing external systems to actually create new orders, we don’t have that capability via FHIR right now as that goes beyond the ONC certification we targeted to meet for MU3/ONC certification. So if that’s a requirement, that would have to be built, though it could be done later on like you said. We do support that ability using what is called OpenEMR’s standard API, but that won’t be interoperable across other systems and people wanting to use it will have to write custom code.

Here’s a mock-up / walk-thru of the idea, if of interest.

I think this is a great idea. I would not mind providing input, ideas, and perhaps a little money towards this.

I see that you referenced:
Inspired EHRs | Timeline

I’ve been wanting to create a timeline view in OpenEMR in a very similar way to the above website.

David Eschelbacher, MD
Tampa, FL

Currently reaching out to developers to get an idea of time/investment needed for a basic timeline view-only implementation. Will update as I hear back.