Comlink Telehealth Module Issues

The telehealth module that was released in patch 2 is not working properly. @adunsulag and @juggernautsei are working with the comlink team to fix the current issues.

The registration process to receive credentials is being updated. Additional information is being required.

The app FHIR registration with the Comlink video bridge is undergoing a security change. This change will not be backward compatible. We will keep this thread updated as to when a patch/fix is released to address this situation.

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Dang I was just trialing it out yesterday. I was wondering why it wouldn’t work.

@adunsulag has verified that the system is now working please retry and report back your findings.

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Glad to report back that the Comlink Telehealth Module is working perfectly for a doctor who’s using OpenEMR v7.0.1.1. :man_dancing:

Thank you @adunsulag @juggernautsei and Comlink for this top notch feature!


Hi @stephenwaite,

Below are the issue showing when I trying to Click Here to get credentials after subscribing
for comlink

@Nilesh_Hake what OEMR version are you using?

@juggernautsei I am using the OEMR 7.0.1

@Nilesh_Hake did you install patch (1) yet on that instance?

no I did not install the patch yet do I need to install it @juggernautsei

Ok now applying the patch of the patch (1) and that is below one

Thanks for installing the patch. That way, we don’t have to be troubleshooting things that were covered in the patch and if there is a bug in the system we can uncover it.

Ok Thanks @juggernautsei

Did the patch resolve things? The welcome page credentials signup hits an external server managed by @juggernautsei and that screenshot looks like the URL may not be resolving from wherever you are located at.

@adunsulag I did not see a screenshot attached to this post. The file has been deleted is what the message board is displaying to me.
Found the problem and fixed it. Thanks for the heads up because without you saying that about the external site I would have not looked to see the server was offline.
@Nilesh_Hake let me know if you still have any issues.

Now its working fine I juts checked it