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Combatting Shortages

Hi all, with shortages of masks, sanitizers, ventilators, etc. I thought I’d start a thread on ways to compensate.

For starters, here is the World Health Organization (WHO)'s guidance on local production of sanitizing handrub solutions.


See document by Stanford Medicine and Anesthesia Informatics and Media Lab.

COVID-19 Evidence Service | Addressing COVID-19 Face Mask Shortages [v1.2] Updated March 25, 2020

In a nut shell, while not recommended generally due to unknown effect on N95 respirator fit; heating at 70 degrees Celsius(158 Fahrenheit) appears to largely preserve filtration efficiency at removing E. coli.

Your standard oven can reach that temperature easily.

The authors offer these links for your consideration if you need to make your own mask.