Columns and rows custom form

(aterad) #1

Hello All,
Can a layout based custom form that has COLUMNS and ROWS as the basis for the template be designed via Layouts sub menu in administration menu?

If yes, how can this be done.

We are using openemr 5.0.1 (7)

(ViSolve) #2

If possible, Can you share your sample form to check how it looks like?
So that we can able to decide whether it can be handled via Administration-> Layouts or not.


(aterad) #3

@visolve ,
Hello, I am sorry for the very belated response.
Herein attached is the sample form you requested for.
The issue here is how to create it in both columns and rows as LBF.

(MD Support) #4

If it is this specific form, try to use standard functionality. LBFs are not suitable for multi-row data entry. This type of forms are also prone to severe data entry errors by users - LBF editor itself shows the challenges with such approach.

(aterad) #5

Hello @mdsupport,
You said i should try and use standard functionality.
What is standard functionality?

(MD Support) #6

Looks like you are trying to maintain a list of medications administered to a patient. If so you will need to maintain inventory. Follow directions in setting up list of drugs you carry in Inventory. To record administration, just bill the appropriate template on fee sheet. This will pull up billing codes as well as CVX codes if setup correctly. As a bonus you can see if you are running out of meds…

If you must have an entry in encounter, add a text field to progress note.

(ViSolve) #7

Thanks for the sample form.
LBFs mayn’t be suitable for this requirement. So you can proceed with customization of forms.
Hope that views of @mdsupport will be useful to proceed further.


(aterad) #8

Thanks for your response.
The form is meant for routine dosage of drugs for INPATIENT clients.
I am however at loss to your recommendation, as regard setting up list of drugs in inventory and also appropriate template on the fee sheet as you have said.
Please can you expanciate further.
N.B: we already have list of drugs configured in the inventory module.

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Thanks for your response.

(Nilesh Hake) #10


I have developed the add row functionality in LBF form, please let me know if you want that feature for you.

(aterad) #11

Yes, i want the column and row feature.

(Nilesh Hake) #12


Can we talk personally please mail me your email id on my mail