Code types installation

Hello !
I’m trying to install ICD 10 and Snomed as well as other code types in Openemr 6 but I get some sql errors. I follow the documentation but get stuck after downloading the ICD 10 zip SQL file.

Any guide will be highly appreciated.
Thank you!!

Can you upload any screenshots / picture of right before and when the problem occurs and what commands / mouse clicks you do right before the problem occurs?

Hello @Ralf_Lukner
Sure !

And in the installation process here, I follow the instructions and download a sql file. Next, I have to import this file at Administration->Database->Import which is not present on my screen.

What version of OpenEMR are you using? You should be using 6.0.0 patch 2.

Go to Administration->Coding->‘External Data Loads’
It should look like this except that it will show install

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if you haven’t already be sure load data local infile is turned on, see this post

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Yes, this is what I have @Ralf_Lukner

Following all the steps,
I have successfully installed it.

Thank you all !