Close button not available in the eye exam page


(marimuthu) #1


    By setting the openemr layout option from tabs into frame, the close button is not visible in the eye exam page for a patient. Its working on tabs mode only by default.  

    We need your suggestion and codes to close the pop-up window in the eye-exam.

(R Magauran) #2

Looks like this is an issue with dlgopen in library/dialog.js for frames. The Close button is missing from “Dispensed” and “New Rx” modals. The new behavior of dlgopen needs a Title to show the Close button in Frame mode.

Around 3970 of view.php in interface/forms/eye_mag, change these lines:
function doscript(type,id,encounter,rx_number) {
dlgopen(’…/…/forms/eye_mag/SpectacleRx.php?REFTYPE=’ + type + ‘&id=’+id+’&encounter=’+ encounter+’&form_id=<?php echo attr(addslashes($form_id)); ?>&rx_number=’+rx_number, ‘_blank’, 660, 590,’’,‘Dispense Rx’);

function dispensed(pid) {
dlgopen(’…/…/forms/eye_mag/SpectacleRx.php?dispensed=1&pid=’+pid, ‘_blank’, 560, 590, ‘’, ‘Rx History’);

Here is the PR:

(Jerry P) #3

Probably the css for the X icon was removed or modified in recent restyles.

(marimuthu) #4

Thanks Mr. Magauran
Now the close button is enabled and I can close the window after modified the code.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Marimuthu A