Clinical Notes Duplicating

In an encounter, when you go to make a new note in Clinical Notes, the notes are duplicating.

It may be related to your particular setup.
For now, you will have to delete the duplicate.
Can you remind me of your setup?

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for replying. My setup is a sinlge practice clinic. I’m using Windows Server 2019, Xampp, OpenEMR 6.1 (upgraded from 6.0 U4). Google Chrome. We have about 8 nurses, 1 doctor, 1 IT. Patients were imported from CSV file using 3rd party software. We have basic demographic info imported. We are updating demographics as appointments are made, then adding eccounters, and the usual data that go with them. We’re also trying to implement Patient Portal.

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I do remember this happened to me once, when I created like 99 vitals entries, I don’t recall if I ever fixed that. I broke that server for other reasons and ended up having to set up a new server.

Have you tried creating an encounter and a clinical note on the demo?

I use Clinical Notes all the time as it is needed for API and CCDA ONC. I just can’t see any issues.
It’s going to be up to you folks having issues on your system to debug and help us out.

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I’ll try it on the demo server.

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I’m going to review my settings. One idea is to reboot the server. Ill try that tonight.

Could it be that the page isn’t refreshing correctly?

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The request is getting processed by the server twice.

That’s interesting. So I need to check my web env, make sure the clicks aren’t resistered twice?

Sandra, this is excellent observation!

Thanks, yes, that is what I believe is the problem, I am just not registering the issue in my brain right now. I don’t think it is with the re-write rules. Could it be a proxy problem? I mean, I am not sure, but would apache allow the configuration of mod-php and php-fpm simultaneously?

I mean, I am not recalling my errors right now!

I’m not sure how to handle this error other than to recheck my settings, including the browser. Since Chrome was used and we got double entry, I’m going to try other browsers. Also, in an encounter, when I go to Fee Sheet under the fee menu, and I add copay, it is added twice. I just used the demo and copay appeared twice. But this may something else.

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Did the demo also add double clinical notes?

@LMoonsammy What language are you using OpenEMR. Perhaps there is an escaping issue somewhere.

Hi Jerry,

I’m using US English.


Has anyone figured this out? I have the same problems with duplicated Clinical Notes. The demo also added double clinical notes.
My setup is OpenEMR 7.0.0 (1) on Debian, running PHP 8.1
Thank you!

Edit: I also tried to delete the extra notes but it won’t go away even unless I delete the whole clinical notes form.

hi @ninjatx , can you reproduce on the demos and point to the demo site here please.

This is the demo site that I used:
Screenshot is below.

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I will look into this today.
If anyone has suggestions on how to improve these notes for clinical functionality, now’s the time to speak up. If reasonable I’ll try for next patch maybe Monday.

Seems this only occurs on certain note types. I’ve recreated on master so will try to get a fix for patch 2.

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