Clinical Form Maker Needed

(Hayden Spence) #1

I am a consultant for a few clinics in my area, primarily doing data analysis work in the behavioral health field and conducting program evaluations. I’m looking to subcontractor to expand my services into data collection in order to assist smaller clinics in their reporting, much of which is still done in excel and many have not implemented an ECR yet.

The following skill set would be required

  • Create forms on a request basis based on specifications. Most of the clients needs will be interpreted and assessed by myself in person, but may vary in complexity based on their needs.

  • Knowledge of PHP, MySQL/MariaDB. Preferably of Docker, Git, and hosting containers on virtual private servers (e.g. Digital Ocean) as well, as we will primarily use these for collaboration.

Overall, the workflow will be:

Specifications for forms interpreted > Form Developed > SQL table and form uploaded to test site for review by myself and client (preferably using docker and a hosting service like DigitalOcean/AWS/GCP) > if forms and sql table’s output align with needs the contract is complete, if not we negotiate further improvements until client is satisfied.

This work will vary considerably in need, but my hope is to increase contract capacity by incorporating a dedicated form developer and create a more steady stream. My own knowledge of development of PHP is lagging compared to client demands, and I would prefer to focus on other aspects of my workflow.

(Andrew Johnson) #2

Hi Hayden,
Sounds interesting…I am a experienced developer and have worked on some much more complex workflows in the past.
I would be interested in hearing more.
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,

(Nilesh Hake) #3

Hi Hayden Spence,

I have more than 5 year experience in OpenEMR development. I have worked extensively with customization as well as new feature development for the OpenEMR application. I am well-versed with the OpenEMR application, and have developed custom CRFs, set-up third party interfaces, and customized features like billing updates, automated processing of claims from clearing houses, new patient portal, developed more than 10 forms in PHP for one of our client and etc.

I am confident that I will be fit for this project. Please find my below email id for further details.


(Frank) #4

Hello @ Hayden

i understand your requirement and will be glad to assist you asi have +5 years of experience in back end development.

please Reach me out through skype @ cis.am3 or email me at