Client's Logo & name in place of OpenEMR on front-end



I’m looking at doing cloud-based OpenEMR installs for a client who’s like an NGO.

However, they need OpenEMR with their own logo and name to appear in place of the OpenEMR.
While I would not call this re-branding as it’s only on the front-end that will display their logo/name and not in the coding part, I would appreciate if I could be given more info and guidance on this.


(Robert Down, BSN, RN) #2


There is functionality to upload a logo to the login page. Of the top of my head I believe it is under Administration --> Globals.

As far as removing the OpenEMR logo from the front page, I believe that would require custom code (though again, I’m doing this from memory).

Inside the app I think the only reference to OpenEMR is on the about page and the logo on the top left of the main menu. There is no functionality to remove those items as far as I’m aware.

(Brady Miller) #3

Hi @fkasmani ,

As Robert pointed out.

Several different logo options in globals settings(the links show where these are stored):

Main logo is here:


Thanks for the info.

While OpenEMR is open-source, I hope there’s no other legal requirements for removing the OpenEMR logo from the front-end (if we had to do this from the source-code as Robert pointed out)?

(Robert Down, BSN, RN) #5

@brady.miller may have a more definitive answer, but the short answer is no, you could take the entire source code and rebrand it without worrying about legal ramifications. We would of course love you contribute any code improvements back to the community so everyone could benefit :slight_smile:

My only concern is that if you modify code in any capacity I believe your instance would no longer be considered 2014 ONC Certified. I believe the only way to keep that certification is to not make changes to the codebase (but @brady.miller should know for sure)

(Brady Miller) #6

Agree with Robert that there are no legal requirements regarding logo and code changes.

Officially, any code changes would break 2014 ONC Certification, which would include changing the logo file. So, would avoid this if need a 2014 ONC Certified product.




(Bphage) #8

Thought I would reply in an old threat with a similar topic; I am new to open emr and cloud; for the life of me I can’t get the logo file to upload.

From Admin -> Files I can see where I can upload but it runs the following error.

Unable to create ‘/var/www/localhost/htdocs/openemr/sites/default/images/login_logo.gif’

I was originally looking to add the logo_1.png just to familiar myself with this as I would want to do this on prescriptions and add PFDs to charts etc and thought this would be a really benign place to start… but when this didn’t work I tried all of the logos including downloading the original logo and trying to upload that and same error. This is true on the demo site as well.

I tried to look up the file location withing the VM - on gcloud if that info is helpful. I can find the VAR directory but there is no www directory and when searching I can’t find the files.

Any thoughts?

(Bphage) #9

found the file; used: find -name login-logo.png

From there I could change through the file; but it would be nice if we could just upload as intended.

(Pimm Blankevoort) #10

More pogin logos can be found: openemr\sites\default\images

(David) #11

Hi @brady.miller !

I also receive:
Unable to create ‘/var/www/localhost/htdocs/openemr/sites/default/images/logo_1.png’ when attempting to add a logo from Admin > Files

Any idea why this occurs?

(Brady Miller) #12

hi @daurrutia ,

Very likely your apache does not have write privileges to the /var/www/localhost/htdocs/openemr/sites/default/images/ directory since this is not something we check during the setup. Could either:

  1. Give apache access to write to that directory
  2. Copy your logo file directly into that directory (I’d go with this option)


(David) #13


Confirmed as stated (docker img openemr:5.0.1)

/var/www/localhost/htdocs/openemr # ls -l sites/default/documents/
total 28
drwx------    2 apache   apache        4096 May 21 22:06 1
drwx------    2 apache   root          4096 May 21 21:47 certificates
drwx------    3 apache   root          4096 Sep  9  2018 custom_menus
drwx------    3 apache   root          4096 Sep  9  2018 logs_and_misc
drwx------    4 apache   apache        4096 May 21 21:53 mpdf
drwx------    3 apache   root          4096 Sep  9  2018 onsite_portal_documents
drwx------    2 apache   root          4096 Sep  9  2018 temp
/var/www/localhost/htdocs/openemr # ls -l sites/default/images/
total 24
-r--------    1 apache   root         10112 Sep  9  2018 login_logo.gif
-r--------    1 apache   root           357 Sep  9  2018 logo_1.png
-r--------    1 apache   root           395 Sep  9  2018 logo_2.png
-r--------    1 apache   root          1852 Sep  9  2018 visa_mc_disc_credit_card_logos_176x35.gif

(Pimm Blankevoort) #14

Try to make the LOGO - files withe the same “size” and “pixels” if you did not succeed yet. It must have the same extension!