Clearing House Recommendation

I am working as a consultant to a private medical practitioner. Can you recommend the Clearing House for OpenEMR which is readily available or integrated.
Many Thanks.

Please go with office allay it cheaper. As well you get the patient eligibility over there.

@brad has a good clearing house option with ClaimRev for OpenEMR. I’m tagging him so the two of you can chat.

Thanks @adunsulag for tagging me!

@rita, I own a clearinghouse and have a module directly connected to OpenEMR that I support. You can view the claims at the clearinghouse in the openEMR module and you can do eligibility straight from the patient dashboard.

While, I admit office ally is cheaper, I give better support. when you call or email you get someone that knows the tech side and what the payer is wanting (edi side). I also have a lot of different tools on my portal that will let you view your claims in various ways and get the claims worked. I’m also always adding new functionality and doing new user suggestions.

My website is, I’d love to do a demo for youl.

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Let me just chime in here re: office ally support.
Unfortunately I have not worked with Claimrev so can’t give Brad a positive endorsement. However, I have supported several customers’ working with Office Ally. While they are not as bad as some of the other big commercial clearing houses, their support reps were so poorly trained that I ended up spending many hours teaching myself their take on x-12 and parsing claim files just to get the claims accepted by their system.

I’d say that if your single highest priority is the cost, and you have the time and inclination to learn claim files from the inside out, Office Ally is a good idea. But the next customer we have who wants us to set up their electronic billing, I will steer them to Claimrev.
Good luck!

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We are currently using ClaimRev and the customer service from them is better than any other company i currently work with.

Give brad a call. You’ll be glad you did.

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