Claims denied Parsing due to "SBR01 Required"

(Jeff Guillory) #1

Claims have been returned for failing parsing due to MSP issue. This is happening on non-medicare claims. Is anyone else having this sudden issue? Or can someone recommend a fix?

(Stephen Waite) #2

hi @nursejeff, could you provide some more info, like the redacted 837 that caused the issue?

(Jeff Guillory) #3

Is this what you are referring to?
We are unable to process this file for the reasons listed below. Please note
the entire file was not processed for this reason and you must correct and
resubmit the claims within it in order for them to be processed successfully.

FileId: 642341530
FileName: 642341530_2019-07-11-1526-batch.txt
Date: 7/16/2019
Claims: 6

Failed Parsing ANSI5010~

Claim No. 6
Description SBR01 REQUIRED
CurrentLoop 2000B
RecordType SBR
Segment *
Row 219
Byte 5871

(Stephen Waite) #4

not exactly :slight_smile: but dbl check the subscriber information on the secondary insurance to make sure it’s populated with the subscriber.

(Jeff Guillory) #5

Sorry, sent the wrong one actually. It looks like the problem I am having is a direct problem with Availity. working with them to find issue. I will recontact if I need help within Open EMR