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Changing visit encounter page

I want to remove and add some fields to the visit encounter form that comes up when you select new encounter. I don’t need the issues and link sections .Where do I find the form so I can edit it?

hi @tjbarr, have you tried right clicking on the form and choosing view frame source? You should see the path name in the address bar.

No I haven’t but I will now. Thanks!.

Now I see where the things are stored but I have a couple of questions:

  1. If I make a change to a common.php form will it get overwritten during an update of openemr?
  2. If I change the categories in visits will it affect the functionality of the calendar?

hi @tjbarr, yes, your custom changes would be overwritten with an upgrade. The category changes should be fine but always recommend practicing with a test server just in case. It will keep the bp low :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fast response!

When you select from a list where is that selection stored in the database? eg. I put a new list called level of care and I want to add this to the patient search page. I am having trouble updating the patient search page. I could easily change the headings but having trouble editing the code.

it stores it in list_options, you would have to modify the code to add it to the patient search since it’s not an LBF

I am having trouble finding the code that populates the patient search page.

Hi Tammy,
Please give a brief outline of what you hope to do here.
The encounter visit form is very much hard coded and some of what I think you want to do will require patching that form ie interface/forms/newpatient/common.php which I think you’re aware.
Now from here, whats the goal?

I figured it out. I wanted to change the phone_home on the find patient page to LOC which is a list code that I created. It seems to be working now. Thanks!

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