Changing timezone in php.ini is not responding

(Sugath Pathiraja) #1

I use an instance of xampp-openemr- on windows 10.
I went through the page[How do I correct the date/time setting?] and changed timezones and restarted apache accordingly. But the ‘time’ does not show any change and still the Openemr is 4.5 hours ahead of my timezone. Even changing to completely different timezone too seems not responding.
Where else do I have to look for to get this corrected.

Two screenshots of the saved php.ini file are attached below.


Thank you in advance.

(Jerry P) #2

Thats apache time Check globals locale for openemr time.

(Sugath Pathiraja) #3

Sorry for not replying for 19h. However, Global locale time zone too is set to the same timezone as in php.ini.

Whatelse do I have to look for?

(Sugath Pathiraja) #4

Problem solved. Issue was the timezone Asia/Jayapura which I had wrongly put.