Changing the position of the "Back" button


Hello everyone,

This may seem trivial but addressing this may improve efficiency in everyday use.

Since updating to 5.0.0, when editing items such as “Medical Problems,” “Allergies” and “Medications,” when returning to the chart the “Back” button is in the middle of the page. It used to be on the left next to the “add” button.

I guess I got used to those buttons being close to each other, so I find myself looking and having to move my mouse halfway across the page to return to previous page.

Can we put that “Back” button back on the left hand side next to the “Add” button. This is my opinion and observation but it may improve efficiency.

Jeff Guillory RN
Family Nurse Practitioner
Lumberton, TX


Hi Jeff ,

Ensure you clear your browser cache.

Also which Theme (ie. Light) and layout (ie. tabs or frames) are you using?
(Note that in the tabs layout with Light theme, the Back button is directly above the Add button.)